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Virtual Consultation.
The first 30-minutes of your consultation will be free.

In Person.
60 minutes consultation.
We can come to your home to discuss how we can help. We will listen to what you would like to achieve and provide a clear and comprehensive plan, followed by an estimation of the costs.
Price £ 50,00.

The Process.
After the agreed estimate.
We will work to sort through the clutter of your house, shed, loft, utility room, wardrobe or workspace. You will decide where to start….
We will remove any unwanted items and distribute accordingly by donation, repair or sale. We will also give you good advice on storage solutions.

Be More Organised Method.

Be Discovered
Going through your items together, it can be an amazing time. Maybe you will find out some treasures that have been lose.
That’s the base of our success. Some people don’t know what they possessions really are, and how they can use it, you might have something very special hidden in your house.

Be Sorted
We can spend time with you, sorting out possessions, we will decide what to keep, donate, repair, sale or throw away.

Be Allocated
Find a new place for your item to live.
Your favourite items will receive a new space and care. Label and organising them into clear categories,
safe and clear storage will help you find, use and put it back after use.
Your donations will be taken to the charity of your choice, we will remove it for you free of charge.
We can arrange a professional to help with the repair of your goods.
Sales can be an good alternative for items that you are no longer used, we can help you manage your sale. (Plans to discuss).
Arrange the removal of unwanted items, we will need an removal worker. (Charges paid for the removal company). We will try to recycle as much as possible.
We will train your employer how to keep all your belongings nice and tide.

Special Services

Closet Organising
Do you have a wardrobe full of clothes, but nothing to wear? We can help you open the doors to a well organised and functional closet. We go through it together, we sort your clothes into categories to keep, sell, repair, give to charity or to friends/family. By identifying what you have in your wardrobe and what you don’t need, we create a process so you can enjoy all your belongings. We can take away clothes that are going to charity.